neosurance instant-insurance

Protection where
and when it matters Just few seconds to get insured.
Zero paperwork, instant everything.
Close to people, closing the protection gap.
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neosurance instant-insurance neosurance instant-insurance
Insurer, Brand and Customer
With Neosurance, Insurers and Brands can offer the right insurance at the right time
creating great customer experiences that drive the adoption of mobile insurance and close the protection gap.
neosurance instant-insurance 1. Relevant and simple product presentation at your fingertips. Empowered customers keep raising the bar for Insurers and Brands.
We help you deliver the best insurance experience to your customers, where and when it matters most.
neosurance instant-insurance
2. Digital insurance strategy execution depends on best-in-class technology. Customers are more dependent than ever on their mobile devices, so insurers face a challenge bigger than crafting their strategy: execution with best-in-class technology and experienced partners. Neosurance provides both. neosurance instant-insurance
3. Neosurance delivers the best insurance experience where and when it matters most. Your Policies. Zero Paperwork. Instant Everything. Neosurance is delivered as-a-service and paid on performance. Neosurance is flexible, scalable and easily customized to insurers and Brands needs. Its safe and robust evolution path constantly evolves with new features, enabling recurring revenue models with increased revenues for insurers and Brands. neosurance instant-insurance

“ We empower people to live a safer and happier life, accelerating the transition to relevant insurance. ”

neosurance instant-insurance neosurance instant-insurance
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